• Karlsson Open to Ottawa Return?

    SensChirp June 4, 2019

    It’s June 4th. The Stanley Cup Final is in full swing but for 29 other teams across the National Hockey League, these are quiet times. The combine is over. The entry draft is still

    Nilsson Signed to Two Year Deal

    SensChirp May 29, 2019

    Pierre Dorion is slowly crossing items off of his summer To Do list. Today, the Senators announced they have signed goaltender Anders Nilsson to a two year deal worth $2.6 million per season. He’ll

    Senators Sign Norris to Entry-Level Deal

    SensChirp May 27, 2019

    There have been some painful departures over the last nine months or so but there’s no doubt the Ottawa Senators have this rebuild pointed in the right direction. A once-depleted prospect pool is now

    Senators Hire DJ Smith as Head Coach

    SensChirp May 23, 2019

    The Ottawa Senators have found their guy. This morning, the team announced they have hired former-Toronto Maple Leaf Assistant Coach DJ Smith as the team’s next Head Coach. Smith was signed to a three

    Senators Complete Head Coach Interviews

    SensChirp May 22, 2019

    The Ottawa Senators appear to be closing in on their choice for Head Coach. The insiders seem to be mostly guessing at the timeline but what is clear is that Pierre Dorion has completed

    Report- Spezza Open to an Ottawa Return

    SensChirp May 16, 2019

    Maybe you n go home again? According to an article by Pierre LeBrun over on The Athletic, long-time Senator and UFA-to-be Jason Spezza is at least open to the idea of a return to

    Monday News and Notes

    SensChirp May 13, 2019

    While the NBA has stolen the spotlight in nadian sports, the NHL playoffs are apparently still happening. In the Western Conference, the San Jose Sharks appear to be making light work of the St.

    Ruszkowski Out as Chief Operating Officer

    SensChirp May 8, 2019

    Under normal circumstances, the voluntary departure of an NHL team’s Chief Operating Officer wouldn’t exactly be news worthy. But as we’ve seen over the last 24 months, the words normal circumstances really don’t apply

    Bruins Eliminate Duchene’s Blue Jackets

    SensChirp May 7, 2019

    There is just something about this year’s NHL post-season that is spectacularly boring. Sure, I’m still watching just about every minute of every game but man, do I ever not re about any of

    Bettman Says Senators Aren’t For Sale

    SensChirp May 2, 2019

    Despite what you may have been reading for the better part of two years now, the Ottawa Senators are not for sale. No sir. Everything is just fine in the Nation’s pital. At least

    67’s Prepare for East Final vs. Guelph

    SensChirp May 1, 2019

    It’s been a long time since there was a meaningful hockey game played in the City of Ottawa. Almost two years, in fact.? It was Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals.? Craig Anderson

    Senators Begin Search for a New Head Coach

    SensChirp April 26, 2019

    Heating up may be an exaggeration but after weeks of complete silence, it does sound like Pierre Dorion has begun the process to identify the next Head Coach of the Ottawa Senators. A total

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